Wednesday, 14 March 2007

Benchmark MPG figures

I have put forecourt Diesel into the 530d on 2 occasions so far and noted the mileage per tank (give or take a couple of miles) and the average MPG and Speed as reported by the on board trip computer. My daily drive included stop start/slow commute traffic on the school run (a few miles each day), travel between client sites (I work from home and visit local people or businesses each day, normally within about 30 - 45 mins drive of home) and occasional long trips on motorways. I estimate my annual mileage to be about 15 - 20K.

I bought my 530d with 77K on the clock. Its a BMW straight 6 turbo Diesel engine linked to a 5 speed "step tronic" auto box. The whole thing is in a big heavy 5 series touring (aka estate/station wagon) chassis that weighs around 1700Kg (3750lbs).

The first fill up 5/3/07, 64.92 litres, 434 Miles, 31.3 MPG avg, 22 MPH avg, 89.9p/litre
The next fill up 12/3/07, 67.84 litres, 488 Miles, 33.6 MPG avg, 26.1 MPH avg, 89.9p/litre.

I have found this great site by Robin White to do the conversion of miles and litres to miles per gallons.

From this site I have done 30.4 MPG and 32.7 MPG on the two tanks.

One of the reasons to make bioDiesel is to save money. To help workout the savings I need a benchmark of "normal costs" to compare against. With the cost per tank and the mileage per tank I can work out that the two tanks have cost me £0.134 per mile and £0.125 per mile.

I will try to keep up with the data as I drive and in time put it into a graph.

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EssexBoyRacer said...

Hi, Which BMW 530D do you have?

I have an E39 (2003) 530D touring sport that I'm considering using biodiesel with but want to make sure its safe to use.