Friday, 2 March 2007

Why Bio Diesel?

Well for a start BioDiesel (BD) is cheaper than regular petrodiesel (PD)... well kinda.

In the UK, BD for road use is taxed at £0.20/litre LESS than Ultra low sulpher Petro Diesel so the logic goes it should be £0.20/liter cheaper right? WRONG. You need to buy eqpment to make/store it, chemicals to react it and you might even need to change the car's fuel filter too (more of that later). Anyway, after all of that it should still be cheaper, just not quite as much cheaper as in the rest of the world where governments have sought to grow a sustainable BD industry by setting low tax rates or even NO tax rate for BD production.

But the other reason (Why BioDiesel?) is the environmental benefits. There are numerous resources on the net, some by universities, some by "word of mouth" as to teh benefts. Generaly they are as follows (in no particular order):

1> 100% reduction in Sulpher emmisions
2> Up to 50% reduction in Carbon Monoxide and particulate emmisions
3> 70 - 90% reductions in hydrocarbon emmisions
4> 75%+ reduction in Carbon Dioxide emissions

In addition to these auditable reductions, the EPA considers BD to be non toxic and biodegradable. BD is made from vegetable oil; either virgin or previously used for cooking. Thus the plant that "grew" the oil is a collector of carbon, balancing the car's emission of the carbon while driving. BD is therefore almost carbon neutral (there is some energy used in its processing).

So that's why BioDiesel!

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