Monday, 9 July 2007

Drum Fabrications

Its been a while since I last posted... I've had the drums in the garage for about 6 weeks or so and they've just sat there! They couldn't even be bothered to keep the cobwebs off themselves!

Anyway, I cut the bottoms out and set about getting the cones made to attach to then (the drums need a need a cone shaped bottom to aid drainage). and hit a brick wall. The plans I have call for a cone fabricated from 16 or 18 gauge mild steel. Its made by cutting out a circular piece of steel with about 25% of the circle missing.

Once cut out, the two edges are joined and voila: one cone! (repeat for drum No 2).

Everyone I called or went to see could do the cut out but not the bending to shape. No one seemed to have the right tools or if they had the tools, they weren't the right size etc etc etc....

In the end I had the metal pressed out flat and did the bending at home, with my work bench and some left over metal bars.

Here it is (shaped but not welded):

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