Wednesday, 18 July 2007

The dums are back.

The drums have been away for welding over the last week or so (the welder was away mid way hence the time it took..) He has welded along the seam and around the edge of the drums to attach the cones to what will become th ebottom of the tanks:
On the top (bottom of the tank) there is a threaded pipe fitting t allowe the pipe work to attach. This too is welded in place.

Lastly, I the welder has attacjed three box sections of steel to the sides of the tanks. Into these go the support legs to raise the tanks off the ground. Once in place the taks stand a little under 6 feet tall.


Biofuelsimon said...

Looks good and kind of industrial, how much are you planning on making

Mark C Reid said...

You should be aiming to make to EN14214 standard.... - that way you won't have any problems.

Depending on your feedstock you should look to certain additives also. (adding them in recommended dosage rates using ppe).

e.g. biocide, antioxidant and so forth...

If you want any other tips (and if your using it for personal use only) come back to me

Mark C Reid said...

PS. I'm not sure if you actually have made any B100 yet?!?

Looks to me like you haven't.

Further down the line it may be prudent to use your Biodiesel in a blended petro-diesel-biodiesel blend?
e.g. B5 as is currently licenced for retail by the gov.

B20 (20% Biodiesel blend) is infact part of the EU's renewables roadmap.... and if your'e struggling on your own fuel, (and to be sensible) you should start off by using a blend until your quality improves to your desired level.

This way you can nip any unwanted issues with your fuel early... and minimise any maintainance and other issues.

Just a few friendly points... that I'd be doing personally if I were you.

MJ Panton said...

I want to see if I can make BD for my own use to start with. If it is "do'able" then I want to see if there's a business out there for me.

As for quality standards, the EN would be nice howver testing to the standard is VERY expensive. In the region of £500 ($1000) per sample set. There are some moves afoot to get this down but as yet they aren't.